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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hello friend's
I would like all you people out there to know this secret of earning huge amount of money from the internet without any investment.All your income will be paid to you via check and sent to your postal address.(Once you earn $50, you will receive the cheque & after earning another $50, you will get another cheque.) Anyone from all over the world is eligible. They pay you $10 to sign up. You also earn 40¢ per direct referral, 20¢ per level 2 referral, 5¢ per level 3 referral, and 3¢ per level 4 referral. The website owner wants more and more people to become members and for that he is paying commission to everyone who signs up and refers other people to sign up. You have to build up a chain for e.g. you sign up 20 people under you and each of those people sign up 20 people and so on.
Calculations of earnings:
Your own sign up $10
First Level is 20 times $0.40=$8.00
Second Level is 400 times $0.20=$80.00
Third Level is 8000 times $0.05=$400.00
Fourth Level is 160000 times $0.03=$4800.00

The link for the website is :
Just enter the website through this link and join for free with your e-mail address. When you join they will send you a confirmation email at your mail address. You have to check your mail and click on the confirmation link When you click on the confirmation link you will be redirected to their website. Then you fill up a form which will consist of your username, password, name and postal address. This is needed so that they can send check payable in your name to your postal address. (After earning $50 you will receive the cheque). Remember your user ID & password for future references. After filling the form, a page will be displayed where they will confirm that you have joined. Also, in the page you will find written "CLICK HERE TO GO BACK" .Click on that and you will be returned to their home page. On the left side of the page, there are different menu's where at one place it is written "Member's Login". Click on that and login with your username and password. After logging, you find written on the website page "VIEW YOUR STATS". Click on that and you can know about your account details. You will find 10$ credited to your account. After referring each member you can check your account.Check your email address again where they will be sending you a mail like "Thank you for subscribing at Resource A Day". In that mail, you will find your referral link like mine i.e.
If you have problem finding your referral link, then you can take this advice. My username is karthikbiz1 and my referral link is
This means that your referral link will contain your username at the last.This is a totally genuine website who are actually paying for all your efforts.You can even search through google.com about them if you do not believe my words.I have written in as much detail as possible so that you understand each and everything clearly. You can copy all that I have written here and just forward this to more and more people (off course, with your referral link in place of mine). Therefore, BEST OF LUCK to all you guys out there and may you earn money within a short period of time.