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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


ZIDDU is a completely free file hosting which offer many great services and allow their members to earn and make money from their uploads. They gives user flexibility to create audio and video to share with other peoples. Unlike other free hosting Ziddu accepts parallel download so you don't have to wait for the countdown time to end anymore.

1. unlimited upload files.
2. file size limit is 200 MB per file.
3. file is keep 90 day after the last download.
4. No countdown time and allow multiple downloads.
5. Ziddu offers free accounts for all members. No premium accounts.
6. If your files are photos, video clips or songs. They will show preview Of your files and if someone click to enlarge your photos, play your video files or listen to your songs. You will get 1 download count.
7. Minimum payout is $10 per 10000 downloads.
8. Ziddu have email option that enable user to send download links to their friends.
9. have IP per file per day restriction so one person per download per day will get the download count.


Ziddu pay you by PayPal or Money Bookers. You will have to wait for 40 days before your receives your payment. you'll be able to withdraw you revenue after your earning reaches $10




I am trying to earn some extra money from the Internet in the last months and now I hope that I found the way.

I found a site which pays you to click on ads and also pays you to refer people to it. I entered the site and I broke even after four days . In only 4 days I received the money that I paid back. This is really really great.

Let's explain you about this site. Before paying $10 for the premium membership it pays you 1 cent for each ad you click and wait for 30 seconds. It also pays you to refer people to it but this is nothing compared to what you earn when you pay the small amount of $10.

When I upgraded to a premium member I received 260 ads to click on them and got paid 1 cent for each of them. So I received back $2.60 from the first day I entered the site. After that I used some advertising to refer some people to the site. I was very impressed with the results!!!

I received 15 referrals from the first day in the site. You get paid $0.10 for each referral and $2 for every referral that upgrades to a premium membership. All these 15 referrals did not upgraded so I received $1.50 from the first day in the site. Today, 10 days after, I received a total of $14.15 which is $4.15 more than I spend to enter the site. I have now 109 new referrals and as you get paid for five levels deep, I have 15 level 2 referrals and 1 level 3. This is great if you consider that I am only a member for the site for 10 days. Ok nobody upgraded yet but in the future they will certainly do as the upgrade fee is very low.

The five level deep of the referrals is really really good because you may earn a great amount of money in the future. I have not gained much money yet but I hope that will gain in the future.

The reason is this:

Let's take a look at what happens if you were to refer only five new members to ClixSense.com and ONLY three of those members upgrade to a Premium account. We'll use the same scenario through all five levels:

First there is yourself on your own level. You are guaranteed payment for each advertisement you click on and view for just 30 seconds.

Level one - You referred 5 new free members = 50 cents. Now 3 of them upgade which earns you another $6.00. Total so far is $6.50 plus your paid to click ads.

Level two - Each of your referrals refer 5 free members of which three each upgrade to Premium accounts. Your total now is $15.50!! ($6.50 for level one, and $9 for level two.)

Level three - These members perform same as the above levels and only refer an easy 3 upgrades each. Now your total earnings is $42.50!! ($27 for level three, and $15.50 for levels above.)

Level four - These members perform same as the above levels and only refer an easy 3 upgrades each. Now your total earnings is $123.50!! ($81 for level four, and $42.50 for levels above.)

Level five - These members perform same as the above levels and only refer an easy 3 upgrades each. Now your total earnings is $366.50!! ($243.00 for level five, and $123.50 for levels above.)

Just imagine what will happen if these referrals are 10 times more. I already told you I referred 109 people in just 10 days.

Check this site out because it worths it and remember: You should upgrade in order to get big money!!!